Visiting Lake Louise

When I thought of Canada, nothing really stood out that much for me more than Lake Louise. After seeing a picture of it online about 4 years ago, I told myself I’d definitely go to see Lake Louise before I died. And this year I made that dream come true.

I posted a picture of the lake on my Instagram page in February this year (to hold myself accountable) captioned ‘I will make this happen this year’. And I LOVE that I did that because it showed me that anything is possible when the drive to get it done is there.

The village of Lake Louise is just a short bus ride from Calgary, Whistler or Banff with beautiful views of the rocky mountains. From the village you can take a connecting bus to the lake itself or you can walk (it’s all uphill and takes around an hour). I took the bus there and walked back downhill and I am so glad I did. The views are incredible and I would highly recommend doing this if you’re visiting!


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