HOME | Gin Tasting and A Secret Bar

I’ve finally arrived back home in Scotland after a crazy few months. It’s been nice to see my friends and family but it’s true that nothing changes here. Having a wardrobe and a quiet place to sleep again is fab but I’m already starting to get bored.

Luckily I have the best friend in the world who planned a little outing for me coming home. Yesterday she took me gin tasting then for lunch in St. Andrews. She is so beautiful inside and out. We arrived at Eden Mill distillery at 12pm and we were surprised to find the room was full. I didn’t think anyone else would be drinking gin at midday on a Thursday… then I remembered we were in Scotland. We were given a welcome drink of gin with fizzy pink grapefruit juice and I was tipsy after two sips. Lightweight life. After a tour of the place and a half hour history lesson about gin, we were taken to the tasting room (which obvs is the only reason we all came).


We had a “love” gin with rose lemonade, an “oak” gin with ginger beer and “hop” gin with tonic. I’m not much of a gin connoisseur so I judged the taste based on the mixer. The love and oak gin were fabulous but the hop gin was 47% and a bit too strong for my delicate self:

After our tour finished we went to Hotel Du Vin for a champagne lunch (ballers). We rolled up drunk at 2pm and I ate octopus for the first time. Wild. After that we went in search of a beer garden as it was a sunny day (which is extremely rare in Scotland). We went to “The Rule”, got some wine and sat outside with our friend Andy who works there (yes you’re famous now that I mentioned you on my blog).

Once we finished up there we took the bus back to Dundee and decided to go to the “secret pub” Lisa had been telling me about. It’s a speakeasy style place with no signs outside and it’s so old fashioned. The lights inside were dimmed right down, 1920’s music was playing and I loved it so much- I’m obsessed with the old days. We ordered some more gin and some “pickle backs” which is a drink I first tried when I was in Montreal. You take a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. Sounds gross but it’s so good- the salt from the pickle juice completely takes away the alcohol taste.


After that we eventually made our way home. I’m surprised we were still alive after 10 hours of drinking but I like to think we’ve had plenty of practice over the years. What a fab day.


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