24 Hours In London

After an extremely last minute change of plans and pulling out of working at Boomtown festival, I decided to go on an adventure anyway. I’d already booked a bus to London and I had never actually been before. So off I went on my 10 hour overnight journey from Dundee.

What a ride. The bus was fully booked and I was squished in the corner of a little table with a bunch of crazy Russians. They talked (SHOUTED) to each other constantly from the hours of 1am- 6am when everyone was trying to sleep. They also took up the whole table with their bags, so much so that my little pack of olives got pushed off the edge and leaked all over my leg. Very good. They also kept kicking me under the table so I put my legs on the chair and managed to sleep for approximately 3 seconds before my leg went numb, I got a fright and accidentally kicked their charger out of the socket. I was about to say sorry and put it back in until I saw the dirty looks they were all giving me. So I just closed my eyes and pretended to go back to sleep.

We finally arrived in London and I ordered an Uber to take me to my hostel. I pooled with another girl and the driver was asking us loads of questions, making conversation. When he found out the other girl was from Paris he suddenly started saying “Si” every time she said something. I’m not sure if he knows they speak French in France. I arrived at the hostel at 7am and was told I had to wait until 2pm to check in. I went for a nap right at reception because I was so tired.

I got up at 11am and put my bag in storage so I could go exploring. I walked around a few shops and had lunch at a little health cafe called Good Life Eatery. Walking around Chelsea made me laugh because they actually spoke like the people from “Made In Chelsea”. After lunch I walked a bit more and chilled in Battersea park for a while.


At 3pm I went back to the hostel, checked in, showered and took another nap (obvs). At night I met up with some Couchsurfing people who live in London and they showed me around. We met up in Picadilly Circus and let me tell you… Circus indeed. This all happened within 30 minutes of arriving:

  • A guy shouting “Oi buff ting” repeatedly at me whilst I pretended I couldn’t hear him
  • Another guy stopping me from crossing the road so he could tell me how nice the denim on my jeans was (they were plain black jeans)
  • Going for a casual drink and ending up in an absolute riot of a place where Jack Black’s twin was performing in a heavy metal rock band
  • Having a couple french-kissing ferociously, 2 centimetres from my face, in an extremely confined space…

Wild. We did end up also going to a ramen noodle place called Shoryu near Chinatown which was fab as I’ve been craving proper ramen since 1996.


The next morning I got chatting to this guy at breakfast- I didn’t get his name but he was from exactly the same place I was working in Canada. Small world. He was so excited about everything and he made me miss Canada and their overly happy people so much. I booked my bus to Brighton and headed off just before noon.

Obviously more escapades ensued whilst in Brighton which I’ll be posting about soon…


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