Exploring Brighton And Staying In A Homeless Hostel

I arrived in the centre of Brighton around 3pm on Wednesday and tried to find directions to my hostel. I quickly realised the hostel was in Hove, not Brighton, so I’d need to take a 20 minute bus ride to get there. Oops.

I got off the bus in the pouring rain, carrying my way-too-overpacked bag and found the street where the hostel was. It was a very quiet, residential area which I thought was weird- usually hostels are surrounded by shops and restaurants. I got to the reception and was greeted by a sign that said back in 15 minutes. The electrician who was fixing the light told me, “She’s in and out all the time. Just wait there”. So that I did, until a woman on the other side of the door asked if I wanted to come in and sit down, to which I replied yes. She let me in and as everyone started staring at me with strange looks on their faces I suddenly realised it wasn’t a hostel for travellers. All of these people lived here permanently- I felt like an intruder to their little family. And here was me with my little backpack ready for an adventure too… Oh dear.

Once I got checked in I headed up 6 flights of stairs to my room. The room was clean and quiet but the rest of the hostel was like a boarding school combined with an episode of Skins and I wanted to leave ASAP.


I had a quick shower in the tiny bathroom, put my stuff under the bed and headed back to Brighton. I found out at the last minute my friend was also in Brighton that day (thank the Lord) so we met up for dinner and had a walk around the pier at night time. The next morning I got chatting to 2 girls from Florida who were staying in my room and I felt a bit better knowing I wasn’t the only non-resident there.

Once I left the hostel I had the absolute time of my life wandering around alone. I could totally see myself living in Brighton because everyone is so happy and everything is so bloody cute. I left my bag in storage then walked along the beach from Hove to Brighton where all those colourful beach huts are.


I stopped for breakfast at a little cafe called Lucky Beach then had another walk around the pier. After that I accidentally discovered ‘the lanes’ which is apparently one of the biggest attractions there. They are a little collection of lanes (duh) which are packed with cute shops and cafes and I felt like I was in heaven. They are all decorated so nicely and I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to visit. I went to Choccywoccydoodah for a look around just because I’d seen it on TV before. It was super busy and I overheard a waiter at the cafe telling someone they’d have to put their name on a list and come back in two hours if they wanted to eat. I asked how long it would be to wait for a table of one and he immediately cleared a table for me. Result. Being on your own isn’t so bad after all…

I got a little plate of chocolate with fruit and some other stuff to dip in. I ended up taking half of it with me in some napkins because it was too sickening to eat in one go. I spent the rest of the day wandering around the shops, drinking tea, chilling at the beach when the sun came out and eating some more.


When the day was over I got on a two hour bus back to London then waited an hour for my 12 hour bus back to Dundee. Again, it was super packed but I got to sit beside this really cool girl called Jade who’s from Glasgow. We chatted most of the way home and I found out she also really loves to travel. We exchanged numbers and are planning to do some travelling around Scotland. What a fab trip.

Brighton, I’ll be back.




4 thoughts on “Exploring Brighton And Staying In A Homeless Hostel

  1. I love all of your blogs Chloe! This one made me so happy because I’m going to Brighton next week to visit friends so it got my extra excited and gave me some ideas of places to go! Thank you! I get so inspired and excited reading about your adventures! X

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