Sunflower Fields

sunflower sign.jpgsunflower field.jpgbee on sunflower.jpg

At the weekend I finally got to visit a sunflower field which is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. My friend Francis and I went to Cairnie Fruit Farm in Cupar after seeing you could pick your own sunflowers there. It wasn’t quite Tuscany- the sunflowers were still really small. I guess we were a bit early for them but we still managed to find some pretty ones (then mine died before I got home, damnit).

After we picked the sunflowers I decided I also wanted to pick some berries, ’cause why not. Picking your own fruit from a farm is so much cooler than going to Tesco. I was hoping to get some gooseberries as I haven’t had any since I was a kid but sadly they are just going out of season and were all rotten. We walked around the raspberry bushes and tasted 1 or 16 then I got a little basket to fill up with strawberries which are my favourite. As I was walking around the patch I thought about how cool it would be to have my own fruit farm. Imagine going to get dinner every night and just eating the garden. Goals.

strawberriesstrawberries and sunflowersstrawberry picking

Next time I go searching for sunflowers I think I’ll hold off a bit until later in the year when they’re fully grown. But it was a nice little day out and not something you get to do every day so it was definitely a lot of fun. Plus, strawberries.

8 thoughts on “Sunflower Fields

  1. I’m glad to know your sunflowers came back with some water. Don’t wait too long to go next time. When they get very tall and big, the heads start to droop from the weight. I’d say your timing was perfect.

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