30 Day Travel Writing Challenge


Trying to keep my blog full of new posts when I’m not travelling is not always the easiest. When I’m not on the road doing or exciting things, I tend to lose the motivation to write and usually end up abandoning my blog altogether. As I plan to be staying at home for the next few months, I wanted to set myself a little challenge to stay motivated. The challenge is to write and post every day for each of the 30 days of September, which will be a mix of lifestyle, travel and personal posts. If you’re interested in following along, please subscribe to my blog below.

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If you want to join me in this challenge and do 30 days of writing too, the prompts are written below (and above). If you do plan to join in, please leave me a comment or connect with me on Instagram to let me know because I’d love to read your posts too!

1. Your best travel tips
2. Something that makes your world a better place
3. One amazing thing you did abroad
4. Someone you look up to
5. A place you’ve always wanted to go
6. A rant
7. Why you love to travel
8. A childhood story/throwback
9. What’s in your travel bag
10. A hidden talent
11. Your passport stamps
12. Something nobody knows about you
13. What inspired you to start travelling
14. What you ate today
15. Something you wish you knew before travelling
16. Something you’re passionate about
17. The meaning behind your blog name
18. Your favourite travel bloggers or Instagrammers
19. Your biggest insecurity
20. Favourite thing(s) about your hometown
21. Your first job
22. Your favourite travel photo and the story behind it
23. Your guilty pleasures
24. Your bucket list
25. Something you’re grateful for
26. Why you started blogging
27. What you would do if money was no object
28. Your favourite travel destination
29. Something you want to get better at
30. Highlights of September


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