Things That Make My World A Better Place

This post is day 2 of my 30 day travel writing challenge. To view all posts in the challenge, please click here.

When creating my 30 day writing challenge I wanted to incorporate some more lifestyle posts as I really enjoy writing them. Today’s prompt is to write about something that makes my world a better place but as I couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing, I compiled a small list of some things that make me happy…


No matter what’s happened or how stressed I am, going outside will always, always make me feel a million times better. Especially if there’s water- I’m a sucker for lakes and the ocean.


Random acts of kindness

Kindness is lovely all the time but when it’s from a complete stranger it makes it all the more special. I bloody love when strangers smile at me in the street. I really appreciate people who take time out of their day to make someone else’s a little better.


My baby cousins

I’m so lucky to have these two little cuties, Ivy (left) and Devyn (right) in my family. Also, Devyn is an actual comedy genius and the most thoughtful little girl I know. My best pals.


New experiences

I love trying things that I never have before. Visiting a new place, doing something scary, meeting a new person, trying weird food… the list goes on.


I have a tea addiction and I can’t honestly say I have it under control but it’s one of those comforting things that always makes me feel fab.


Pretty skies

Especially sunrise when it’s all quiet and peaceful. So beautiful.


Some other little things that never fail to make my day:

-The ‘Scottish Patter’ page on Facebook (lol)
-Korean ramen noodles
-Dad jokes
-Baby oranges
-Scented candles
-Tory Lanez

What are some of the things that make you happy?


















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