Wake Up- A Rant

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Today’s prompt is to write a rant. One thing that always gets me going is how much of our lives are controlled and how many people are asleep to this. There were so many different topics on my mind so I decided I’d just write a series of bullet points instead of one big rambly post.

I’m not claiming that anything I’ve written is factual, just my opinion on how ridiculous the world can be. And I’m definitely not pointing fingers at anyone because I do some of these things, so please don’t take anything I’ve written as a personal attack. You might think I’m an absolute looney but I just wanted to share my point of view about the ways we are controlled and to challenge people to start thinking for themselves…

  • Our food is filled with chemicals, sugar, GMOs and even most ‘healthy’ foods are sprayed with pesticides. Nutritious food costs twice as much as junk food and diseases like diabetes and cancer are on the rise. I’ve been made fun of (jokingly) in the past for always eating healthy food because it’s not something a lot of people do. It’s a lot more common to be eating junk food all day because the ingredients in processed foods are addictive- to keep us craving more.
  • Looks are prioritised over health- modern day media teaches us that looks are all that matters. I’ve been told countless times that I don’t need to exercise or eat healthily because I’m already “skinny”. So many people starve themselves or go on ridiculous diets just so they can see a decrease in the number on the scale but getting the right nutrients or feeling good about their bodies is not taken into account. Forget about health, as long as you look good, that’s all that matters.
  • We’ve become desensitised to the animal cruelty that happens in the meat and dairy industry these days because it’s been shoved down our throats that this is normal and healthy. But it can’t be that normal if we only eat selected animals and think of eating the likes of a horse or a seagull as twisted and repulsive. We drink cow’s milk all day but if anyone offered you a glass of breast milk you’d be disgusted. Don’t you think it’s weird that drinking another mammal’s milk is considered more normal than drinking our own?
  • Birth control and prescription pills are handed out like candy but they are SO bad for us. I went to the doctor with skin problems at the age of 13 and instead of telling me to wait until my hormones had settled or eat healthy or whatever, the doctor put me on birth control. I obviously didn’t question it and took it for the following 7 years of my life, and I whole-heartedly believe it’s the reason for the health problems I have now (do a bit of research and you’ll learn how awful it is for your body). There are hundreds of natural remedies for almost anything you can think of but any Western doctor will throw an antibiotic or a painkiller down your throat instead.
  • Binge drinking is considered normal in most cultures now-a-days. Getting drunk and not remembering anything the next day is what we do for fun but if you want to stay sober you’re boring. And if you don’t drink at all, people ask why. If you actually think about that, they’re really asking why someone is choosing not to poison themselves.
  • The media spits out negative news probably 95% of the time. And maybe I’ll get called ignorant or crazy for this but I believe most of the terrorist attacks and other horrific events are set up by the government to distract us from other things or keep us living in fear. We think the world is a horrible place and are scared to do so many things because we are conditioned to only focus on the bad. Yes, horrible and messed up things happen but how many of the good things that happen every single day are reported?
  • We are conditioned to think that working 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week for 60+ years, in an isolated cubicle and for a shitty wage is “life”. It’s extremely difficult to do anything other than that without being broke or becoming homeless and that’s not an accident. We work just enough so that we’re too tired to focus on our own goals but not too much that we burn out and can’t work at all. We can retire at the age of 65 (this also keeps increasing) which leaves us very little time to enjoy the rest of our lives but we’re trained to look forward to and plan for our retirement. The system is set up for us to fail and those who manage to escape the rat race are the exception.

There are so, so many other things I could write about but I thought I’d keep it short and simple so I’m done for now… I can’t offer a solution because honestly I don’t have one. I just wanted to encourage people to start thinking about these things- it’s very important that we don’t just accept everything at face value.

Do you agree or disagree with anything I mentioned? Do you have anything to add? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “Wake Up- A Rant

  1. The last bullet point – it is the last bullet point! I know far too many people who worked hard and saved everything for retirement….and died soon after without ever realizing their hopes and dreams. Never ever plan to do things after retirement. Live your life today and maybe tomorrow. Everything else is a bet with high odds of losing it all. Marcus

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