Why Do I Enjoy Travelling So Much?

This post is day 7 of my 30 day travel writing challenge. To view all posts in the challenge, please click here.

Today’s prompt is to write about why I love to travel. Some people call it the travel bug, others say it’s an addiction. But what is it about travelling that is so enjoyable? Here are 4 reasons why I can’t seem to stop…

1. It’s an escape from day to day life

I haven’t really decided whether this is a good thing or not. I know that in the past I’ve travelled to escape certain things and been sorely disappointed when these things didn’t go away. But at the same time, taking a break from work, uni or whatever else and just focusing on have a good time is pretty nice. It’s good to switch up your routine and be able to spend all of your time doing things you really want to be doing.


2. Meeting new people

Meeting people when I travel really is fab. When I travel I’m more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger and I end up talking to so many people that I never would have at home. It’s really special to be able to learn about other people’s backgrounds and understand how it’s shaped their beliefs and the way they see the world.


3. Learning about new cultures 

Whenever I visit somewhere new I love to hang with the locals and try to experience as much of their culture as I can.


4. It challenges me 

I’m constantly out of my comfort zone when I travel alone. I love to purposely do things that scare me and I tend to do it almost every day when I’m travelling. I find I often become complacent at home but travelling gives me the fearlessness I need to keep changing and growing.


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