A Childhood Throwback- Baby Chloe

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Today’s prompt is to write a childhood story or a throwback. I was recently looking at some of my old photos and other stuff and it made me laugh my ass off so I thought I’d share a bit…

IMG_2192.JPGI went through several phases as a child and the first was that I was going to be a writer. Obviously I have continued to write so I guess it was a genuine interest but looking through my old school work was absolutely hilarious. My favourite of all time is this poem I wrote about my eyes…


I also wrote this book based on my gran’s dog Sandy:

IMG_2188.JPGI used to sit in Sandy’s basket and read it to him, and sometimes I’d read it to my little brother as a bedtime story. This dog went on so many bloody adventures- ice skating, cliff jumping and even to school. Riot.

I’m not sure this story I wrote named “Josh can’t hop but I can” would’ve been a bestseller though…


“That’s how you hop.” “Oh.” … Shakespeare who?

The next phase of my ever so cringey childhood was the “pop star” phase. I got a karaoke machine for Christmas when I was around 9 and was determined I was gona be the next Britney Spears. I was in a band with a girl from school called the Disco Divas (haaaaa) which lasted approximately 2 weeks. Then we gave up because we didn’t make it onto MTV in that time, weird. I also remember asking my dad to film me singing so I could enter the Top of The Pops Saturday’s singing competition. I forced him to leave the room because I was too shy to sing with an audience (ironic) and what resulted was a video of me singing and dancing to S Club Juniors in the dining room on my own. #fame

The last of my phases (amongst dancer, baker, dressmaker and whatever else) was that I would be an artist. As I looked through some of my artwork I was pretty impressed at my 8 year old self…


And then I found this and remembered why it never worked out:


Oh well.

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