Things You May Not Know About Me…

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When I came to write today’s post “something nobody knows about you”, I realised that there isn’t anything I can think of that either my best friend or my mum don’t already know. So if you’re reading this, soz. But if you’re not Lisa or my mum, here are some random facts that you might not know about me…

1. I LOVE rap music

I am half white girl, half rap God. I can’t explain why I like rap and hip-hop so much but it just makes me feel like an absolute G. I actually sometimes get a bit embarrassed about it because of the filthy lyrics, especially when my family is around. Trying to be classy is hard.

2. I laugh when I feel awkward

Trying to hold my laughter in when someone is really angry or has just told me their dog has died is not the best. It’s not that it’s funny in the slightest, my body just doesn’t know how else to respond. If you see me constantly smiling for no apparent reason it’s probably because I’m having an awkward moment.

3. I have 0 sense of direction

I get lost all the freaking time. Doesn’t matter if I have Google maps on, or whether I’m driving or walking, I will always get lost when going somewhere for the first time.

4. I have an outie belly button

And I’m left handed. Apparently this is weird.

5. I don’t have a job

My only source of income now is from sporadic freelance writing and my student loan. I don’t regret quitting my regular job one bit though.

6. I am addicted to learning

Not in the academic sense- I absolutely hate being force fed facts purely for the purpose of sitting an exam. But philosophically,  I am constantly questioning everything about life. If a question pops into my head I’ll Google it and end up researching other related things for hours. When I’m at home, I spend about 90% of my time reading about random topics.

7. I’m learning how to code

And it is so bloody difficult.

8. I’ve never taken drugs

Not even weed. I have become very open minded about drugs over the last few years and definitely agree that some are way less harmful than alcohol. But since I’ve gone almost 25 years without trying drugs I’m probably just gona continue.

9. My dreams are wild

I ALWAYS have crazy dreams about the strangest things and people I haven’t seen in years. I’ve had lucid dreams before and dream-died 3 times so far. Once in a car crash, once getting struck by lightening and once in a plane crash. I have nice dreams too, I promise.

10. I’m missing a middle tooth

I was a weird child and instead of sucking my thumb I sucked my index finger. Ha. As a result my teeth grew in wonky and for some reason one got lost along the way. Instead of having 4 middle teeth on the bottom, I only have 3 and a small gap.





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