Beauty Ideals From Around The World

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Today’s prompt is to write about something I’m passionate about and I decided to write a little bit about body image. With all of the unrealistic beauty standards that are set in the media, it can be hard for us regular gals to feel good about how we look naturally. It’s hard to find a woman these days who isn’t worried about her weight, her make up or how shapely her ass is. To prove a point about how ridiculous these expectations are, I wanted to share some of the different beauty ideals from around the world.


In many parts of Asia, porcelain skin is considered beautiful. The lighter your skin, the richer you are perceived to be. Women often use skin lightening creams to bleach the skin. On the contrary, Western countries see tanned skin as more beautiful- more women are using sunbeds and fake tan is flying off the shelves.


In a lot of African countries, overweight women are considered more attractive- it is thought that a well-fed woman equals a wealthy woman. In the Western world, women are always trying to lose weight to feel more accepted.


In China, tall women are seen as being more powerful than small women. There is a surgical procedure available there that involves both legs being broken then stretched- resulting in longer legs.


Certain tribes in Ethiopia consider scars to be a sign of beauty and strength. Girls often go through “scarification” ceremonies where they are purposely scarred by thorns and razors.


In New Zealand, the Maori tribe see facial tattoos as attractive. They believe that these tattoos define and flatter the facial features.


Large eyes are desirable to a lot of women in Korea and “circle contact lenses” that make the iris appear larger are becoming more and more popular.


A small nose is considered particularly beautiful in most parts of Iran. Tehran is currently the nose job capital of the world.


In Japan, crooked teeth (also known as yaeba) is something a lot of women desire. Cosmetic dentists will charge over hundreds of dollars to give these girls fang-like teeth.


In Kenya, long earlobes are considered beautiful. Women gradually stretch out their earlobes using stone, elephant tusk or heavy jewellery.

mbwitwI shared this info at a short workshop I held during my university internship. I wrote each fact on a piece of paper then asked everyone to pick one. One by one, they drew the feature they had picked onto a piece of paper. What resulted was quite ridiculous and hilarious. The picture is a bit unclear but you can tell she is definitely not the most “attractive”. It’s impossible to meet every single beauty ideal- you’ll never be attractive to everybody. Looks shouldn’t even come into the equation- as long as you’re healthy it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how tall you are or how long your eyelashes are. We need to worry less about being loved by other people and focus more on loving ourselves.






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