50 Random Facts About Me

  1. I was born on the 27th December 1992.
  2. Ghana, Fiji, Kingston and Miami have been my favourite travel destinations (so far).
  3. I am left handed.
  4. I have visited 5 out of 7 continents.
  5. I’ve struggled with severe social anxiety for most of my life but solo travel has been a huge form of therapy for me.
  6. My dream travel destination is French Polynesia or Cuba.
  7. I very rarely eat meat. I eat 100% plant-based.
  8. I have an extremely low tolerance for doing things that don’t make me happy. I also question EVERYTHING.
  9. I get crazy claustrophobic on planes and have to sit in the aisle seat (I cried once when I had to sit at the window on a 12 hour flight, haha).
  10. Napping is one of my favourite hobbies. I can sleep anytime, anywhere.
  11. I love R&B and Hip hop music.
  12. I have no tattoos and don’t plan on ever getting any.
  13. The craziest thing I’ve ever done was bungee jump off a bridge in Whistler.
  14. I have an obsession with herbal tea and at one point had 14 boxes. Oops. I am also drinking tea as I write this.
  15. I believe that our thoughts create our reality.
  16. I hate following the crowd. If lots of people are doing something it makes me automatically not want to do it.
  17. I can’t wait to be a mum. I absolutely love children and think we can learn a lot from them.
  18. I am extremely sarcastic and most people can’t tell when I’m joking.
  19. My biggest fear is the dentist. I woke up during a tooth removal last year while I was supposed to be knocked out. I am still traumatised.
  20. I am 167cm tall.
  21. I can bake a mean cupcake.
  22. When I was 10 I wrote a book about a dog who went on adventures- ice skating, parties, rock climbing… you know, the usual.
  23. My favourite flowers are sunflowers and lilies.
  24. I think cats are selfish and rude.
  25. I’ve never taken drugs (other than alcohol).
  26. I am obsessed with nature and it turns me into a bit of a hippy.
  27. The Weeknd is my favourite artist.
  28. I don’t ever watch the news or read newspapers. I think it’s force-fed negativity.
  29. I tried to learn Spanish and failed. It got me as far as being able to tell the dry-cleaner in Mexico I wanted to pick my clothes up “hoy” (today). Other than that, the only Spanish I know is “yo come un limon en el bano”, which means something like “I eat a lemon in the bathroom”. Super useful.
  30. I spend most of my money on travelling. I can’t sit still for more than a few months.
  31. If I died today I would be genuinely happy with what I have achieved and seen in life.
  32. I like being the small spoon.
  33. I would love to live somewhere like LA or Miami, or anywhere warm and close to the ocean.
  34. I rarely cry when sad things happen to me but I will cry at the drop of a hat if someone else is sad.
  35. Once I decide I’m doing something, nothing can stop me.
  36. I am obsessed with life in the old days, thinking about what life was like during the war etc..
  37. I love taking photographs as it helps me see the good in everything.
  38. I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. Every person I meet or thing that happens to me is to make my life better or teach me a valuable lesson.
  39. My middle name is Nicole.
  40. I have a lot of acquaintances but very few close friends. Quality > quantity.
  41. My feet and hands are ALWAYS cold. I wish human hibernation throughout winter was a thing.
  42. I like to grow as a person by purposely doing things that scare me.
  43. My biggest dream would be doing some kind of work to help young girls build their self-esteem.
  44. I LOVE seeing people live out their passions. It makes me happy.
  45. I think black people are the most beautiful people on the planet.
  46. I am seriously unimpressed by material things. I’d value a £1 ring the same as a ring that cost £1million.
  47. The book “F**k it, do what you love” changed my life. Read it.
  48. I tried to learn to play my guitar and got as far as Jingle Bells.
  49. Summer and Autumn are my favourite seasons.
  50. My gran is my BFF. I love her.