7 days of Yes- Days 3, 4 and 5

It’s been a bit of a crazy weekend and I haven’t gotten round to updating my blog until now. Lots of alcohol was involved… perhaps I need to find a balance between saying no to everything and becoming borderline alcoholic, ha. Here are some of the fun things I’ve said yes to over the last few days: Continue reading “7 days of Yes- Days 3, 4 and 5”

7 Days of Yes- Day 2

Following on from my first 7 days of Yes post yesterday, I wanted to share the things that happened on day 2 of the little challenge I set myself. I’m not expecting this week to be wild and crazy by any means.. I can’t see myself being asked to go skydiving or swim across the Atlantic Ocean in the next 5 days but the aim is just to have more of an interesting week than usual.  Continue reading “7 Days of Yes- Day 2”

7 Days of Yes- Day 1

A while ago I shared my story about my history with social anxiety and how it affected my day to day life. From the ages of about 18-23 I felt like I was making constant progress and thought I was finally on top of my anxiety. I no longer described myself as shy and was doing a lot of things my former self would never dream of. Continue reading “7 Days of Yes- Day 1”